Chakraphone C 432 Hz tuning for soundhealing and meditation.

chakrophone, metalophone, chimes, bells, soundhealing, soundbath, svaritanum Chakrophone-metalophone tuned in C major 432 Hz


Crystal Bansuri Flute


Bansuri ,Flute ,crystal ,crystal flute ,crystal bansuri ,consert flute ,glass flute Hand made crystal Bansuri flute. Perfectly tuned, easy to play, very pure clear sound. Material - Quarz tube.





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Svaritang - forged steel tongue drum

Svaritang tongue steel drum, hang drum, handpan, svaritanum, mama nature Steel drum Svaritang from the workshop of Svaritanum.


Crystal chimes bar phoenix

windchimes, chimes, chime bar, barchimes, crystlal, harp, crystal harp, svaritanum Crystal chimes song of Phoenix, chimes bar major F.


Led light module for the crystal harp

The led light module is designed in the Svaritanum workshop.

Size - 280x40x100mm
Weight - 290 Grams


Crystalophone - Svaritanum chromatic crystal harp

Crystalophone - Svaritanum chromatic crystal harp for music playing soundhealing and crystal meditation

The world's first chromatic crystalophone with a variable sustain!


Crystal windchimes 9 notes 440 (432, 444) hz major F

crystal chimes, barchimes, chime bar, windchimes, svaritanum Crystal wind chimes made of quartz.
 Has a beautiful singing sound. 


Svaritanum 3 octaves chromatic crystalophone

crystal  harp, crystalharp, crystalophone, vibraphone, marimba, soundhealing 40 notes - 3 full octaves, chromatic scale, from E first octave to F third octave.
Sustain pedal
wieght 7 kg (without stand)
Goes with cases and 4 mallets.
Material - crystal quartz.


Svaritanum chromatic crystal harp Mini

crystal  harp, crystalharp, crystalophone, vibraphone, marimba, soundhealingChromatic crystal harp mini with rich possibilities for musical expression

Standart scale - C#CD#DEF#FG#GA#ABC 440 HZ 
Any other scales or frequencies are possible by request - 432 Hz, 444 Hz.

 sound sample 440 hz

 sound sample 432 hz



Xylophone - Svaritanum crystal harp Midi


crystal harp, mid,  xylophone, extra, travelling, sound healing, meditation, sound bath, crystal bowl

This model has middle size of the tubes. Optimal combination of volume, sound deepness, dimensions and weight of the instrument.


 sound sample 440 hz

 sound sample 432 hz