About us

Denis Kashcheev - the founder of Svaritanum workshop


Svaritanum workshop was created in 2004 by musician, engineer and inventor Denis Kashcheev.
His engineering degree of Polytechnic University, passion for music, travel and nature were embodied in the creation of an instruments workshop.


Denis traveled a lot around the world, studying the culture, history and traditions of different countries. 
In 2011-2012 a great journey through Eurasia took place. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Thailand and Malaysia were visited. 


In India, Denis became interested in yoga, music and meditation, began to study Bansuri flute from local masters. The cities of Rishikesh, Varanasi, Vrindavan, Haridwar, Gokarna and Auroville were visited. There came an understanding  that it is necessary to engage in music and spiritual practices.
Two years later, the first musical instruments were created.



In 2015, Denis, together with harpist Stanislava Malakhovskaya, launched the musical project Mama Nature, which unites the desire to create beauty and harmony in music based on ancient musical and spiritual traditions.


Mama Nature band


In 2016, the Svaritanum workshop gets its name. In Sanskrit Svara means note, tan – rhythmic variation, Aum – primordial sacred sound, universal vibration.
In the same year, the first album of the group Mama Nature –Ambrosia was released, recorded together with various musicians, including Rivindu Yaddehige, a tabla performer from Sri Lanka.


In 2017, a unique instrument – a crystallophone - was born in the Svaritanum Workshop. The three-octave model has 40 quartz notes, a sustain pedal, a range longer than three chromatic octaves, a unique arrangement of resonators at an angle.


To date, the svaritanum workshop produces a wide range of quartz glass instruments for sound therapy, music, and meditation. These are crystal harps, crystalophones, flutes, chimes and wind chimes, metallophones.


The workshop's instruments are used in sound therapy studios all over the world.
The crystallophone was performed solo in the Great Hall of the Philharmonic of Saint-Petersburg as part of the orchestra. 
Svaritanum instruments are used by Mama nature group, Marimba mix ensemble, Manu Delago, Zhenya Lyubich.