Crystal chimes

Chimes bar Crystal Temple - F pentatonic with stand - Svaritanum Lab

bar, chimesbar, crystal bar, crystal harp, crystalharp, sound bath, soundhealing, svaritanumCrystal Temple is a new incarnation of the chimesbar from Svaritanum in a convenient form.

Weight - 500 gr.

Size - 400x200x50 mm in a bag.

Goes with stand and case.


Crystal chimes bar phoenix

windchimes, chimes, chime bar, barchimes, crystlal, harp, crystal harp, svaritanum Crystal chimes song of Phoenix, chimes bar major F.


Crystal windchimes 9 notes 440 (432, 444) hz major F

crystal chimes, barchimes, chime bar, windchimes, svaritanum Crystal wind chimes made of quartz.
 Has a beautiful singing sound.