Crystal xylophone


This is the site of Svaritanum workshop. Here you can find and purchase crystal  flutes and steel drums created in our Lab.


Mysterious properties of sound and its ability to impact human mind and feelings have been known since ancient times. Meditative music has a calming effect, rhythmic and emotional music evokes passion, solemn music emphasizes greatness of the moment. Battles are accompanied by sounds of a march, while melodies played in temples are calm and majestic. Music depends a lot on the performer. A great master can produce beautiful music on any instrument. However, some instruments possess sound that alone can create a certain mood. Vibration has even bigger effect on the performer than on the listener, because the performer is in direct contact with the instrument and it is through him that the inspiration flows.

Organ, bamboo flute, singing bowls. It is difficult to imagine that these instruments might produce non-harmonious sounds.


Crystal tubes can be used in different instruments. The sound is produced by lightly striking the surface of the pipe and is enriched by the harmonic vibrations evoked in it. The pipes are made from high purity quartz glass with 99% content of silica. Pipes are manufactured by blowing the melted glass at over 1500 degrees Celsius. Such glass has unique optical and acoustic properties, it is very hard, and at the same time fragile, thus, special equipment and special skills are required to work with it. 




Quartz started to be used as a material for musical instruments very recently, in the beginning of the twenty first century. Its inner structure gives it astonishing acoustic properties. A quartz pipe produces a very clear, deep pulsating sound slightly resembling the sound of a gong or of a singing bowl. A set of pipes form a tonality with chords filling the surrounding space. These vibrations have a calming effect creating a feeling of being part of something unearthly and cosmic.

Crystal tools can be interesting for those who practice sound therapy, meditation, as well as to musicians and to people wishing to try playing music.

Legends about mystic properties of stones exist in many cultures of the world. It is believed that the crystals of quartz clean the space and the aura, filter the negative energy and transform it into positive energy. Pink quartz opens the heart center.



According to the yoga of sound, energy centers of a human body, or chakras, correspond to the seven notes of the major scale. Singing and listening to the notes harmonizes and balances those centers and help to achieve peace and satisfaction.

Quartz (Gem. Quarz) — chemical formula: SiO2 (silicon dioxide).

Standard scale  is major C. This scale easily allows combining tubes with other musical instruments. Instruments in any frequency and scale can be manufactured upon request.






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