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Alchemic Svaritanum Crystal Harp 6 notes

crystalharp, crystal_harp, crystal_bowl, sound_therapy, svaritanum,  soundhealing, soundbath,  singing bowl, crystal bowlMore compact version of our iconic alchemic rainbow crystal harp. It has 6 notes against 8 in classical model, but uses the same tubes. Instrument has brilliant deep sound. Notes form beatiful pentatonic scale. Notes CDEGAC 440 hz (432, 444)

 sound sample 440 hz

 sound sample 432 hz


Alchemic raibow pentatonic crystal harp 9 notes 432 hz

crystalharp, svaritanum, mamanature, soundhealing, soundbath, кристальная арфа, хрустальная арфа, поющая чаша, singing bowl, crystal bowl Nine notes petatonic alchemic crystal harp is  based on the Extra model. The harp gives an outstanding deep sound and in combination with the pentatonic scale allows you to create an atmosphere of harmonious and calm meditation.

Default scale - Minor C 
Notes - C, Eb, F, G, Bb, C, Eb, F, G - 432 hz

 sound sample 440 hz

 sound sample 432 hz



Svaritanum chromatic crystal harp Mini

crystal  harp, crystalharp, crystalophone, vibraphone, marimba, soundhealingChromatic crystal harp mini with rich possibilities for musical expression

Standart scale - C#CD#DEF#FG#GA#ABC 440 HZ 
Any other scales or frequencies are possible by request - 432 Hz, 444 Hz.

 sound sample 440 hz

 sound sample 432 hz



Crystalophone - Svaritanum chromatic crystal harp

Crystalophone - Svaritanum chromatic crystal harp for music playing soundhealing and crystal meditation

The world's first chromatic crystalophone with a variable sustain!

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