Led light module for the crystal harp

led light, crystal harp, svaritanum

led light, crystal harp, svaritanum


The led light module is designed in the Svaritanum workshop. The module has 14 backlight modes, such as a rainbow, a burning fire, random flashes and many others. Device is operated by two buttons and works on microprocessor. The module is fully autonomous, operates on Lion battery power and is charged via standart micro usb cable. It turns your harp into an amazing, iridescent, mesmerizing instrument. Such lighting will unforgettably beautify any concert, meditation or performance.

Suitable for all Svaritanum harp models with 8 or more notes and crystalophone.

Notice! Crystal harp is not included, sold separately.

Size - 280x40x100mm
Weight - 290 Grams


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