Alchemic Rainbow Svaritanum Crystal Harp

Alchemic Rainbow Crystal Harp with ions of silver from Svaritanum Lab

We are happy to present the new creation of the Svaritanum workshop - the world's first Alchemical Rainbow Crystal Harp with silver ions. The instrument has an even richer and deeper sound and amazing appearance. It can nicely complement your singing bowls or it can sound independently at sound healing, meditation and relaxation sessions. The wonderful timbre of the instrument can become a tool for performing fine work with the body and mind. The sounds of quartz and silver permeate the surrounding space, filling it with pure pulsating vibrations of light and love. The crystal harp is tuned in accordance with the energy centers - the chakras, its sounds harmonize the human body and help the fine balancing of its centers. 


The instrument is a blend of the centuries-old traditions and the perfection of modern technologies. We use progressive temperature technology to cover the high-purity quartz resonators with a thin layer of metal oxides including silver ions in order to give the instrument its fantastic sound as well as its amazing appearance. 
As always, we maintain an individual approach to each of our customers. Our Harps can be made to order in any frequency and tone you are interested in. 
We put our souls into each of our instruments and are immensely happy to know that their sounds please the hearts and fill the spaces around the world. 



The biggest model in the range. Has the brightest and the richest tone due to the size of its resonators. Is best for big halls and studios. Fills the entire space with its crystal vibrations.  Comes with a rigid case for storage and carrying.
Goes with  two mallets.

Material: pure quartz (99.9%SiO2)
Weight - 2.160 kg
weight with case 6.5 kg
Size 750х570х150мм

By custom request possible any scale and frequency.

You can choose case, common design or hi tech transparent model.



crystalharp, svaritanum, mamanature, soundhealing, soundbath, кристальная арфа, хрустальная арфа, поющая чаша, singing bowl, crystal bowl


crystalharp, svaritanum, mamanature, soundhealing, soundbath, кристальная арфа, хрустальная арфа, поющая чаша, singing bowl, crystal bowl


crystalharp, svaritanum, mamanature, soundhealing, soundbath, кристальная арфа, хрустальная арфа, поющая чаша, singing bowl, crystal bowl


crystalharp, svaritanum, mamanature, soundhealing, soundbath, кристальная арфа, хрустальная арфа, поющая чаша, singing bowl, crystal bowl


Why buy a tool from us?

1. We guarantee fine tuning of each note.
2. For production, we use only high quality pipes, the rigid selection of which excludes the appearance of artifacts in the sound, beats and dissonant overtones.
3. The edges of the resonators are processed on special equipment.
4. We use a frame for hanging our own original design. It is durable and eliminates breakage or cracks.
5. The case is designed specifically for international delivery. The tool is securely fixed in soft cushions inside a rigid box.
6. We use a double suspension system, which eliminates the breaking of the string and the fall of the resonators.

Crystal xylophone or crystal harp is a variety of a balaphone. The sound is produced by lightly striking the surface of the pipe and is enriched by the harmonic vibrations evoked in it. The pipes are made from high purity quartz glass with 99% content of silica. Pipes are manufactured by blowing the melted glass at over 1500 degrees Celsius. Such glass has unique optical and acoustic properties, it is very hard, and at the same time fragile, thus, special equipment and special skills are required to work with it. 

Quartz started to be used as a material for musical instruments very recently, in the beginning of the twenty first century. Its inner structure gives it astonishing acoustic properties. A quartz pipe produces a very clear, deep pulsating sound slightly resembling the sound of a gong or of a singing bowl. A set of pipes form a tonality with chords filling the surrounding space. These vibrations have a calming effect creating a feeling of being part of something unearthly and cosmic.

There are three playing technics - 1. Using mallots like on xylophone 2. Hang drum technic using fingers 3. wet hands technic.

Crystal harp can be interesting for those who practice sound therapy, meditation, as well as to musicians and to people wishing to try playing music.
Legends about mystic properties of stones exist in many cultures of the world. It is believed that the crystals of quartz clean the space and the aura, filter the negative energy and transform it into positive energy. Pink quartz opens the heart center.

According to the yoga of sound, energy centers of a human body, or chakras, correspond to the seven notes of the major scale. Singing and listening to the notes harmonizes and balances those centers and help to achieve peace and satisfaction.
Quartz (Gem. Quarz) — chemical formula: SiO2 (silicon dioxide).
Standard scale of the harp is C sharp at 440 hz. This scale easily allows combining the harp with other musical instruments. Instruments in any frequency and scale can be manufactured upon request.

The workshop of Svaritanum was founded by Denis Kashcheev, musician and engineer from St. Petersburg. Many years of travel and study of cultures of different countries was embodied in the production of various instruments. Svaritanum is an inspiration and scrupulousness encased in a musical instruments. We control the quality at all stages of production. It is important for us to make not only a beautiful instrument  but also convenient  in plaing, as we play them ourselves in the musical group Mama Nature. Since many of our tools are glass, we have mastered the specialized manufacture of cases,  durable and easy to carry. Their reliability is verified by a lot of buyers around the world. We are constantly working to improve the quality and variety of products and hope that it will bring you the joy of music.

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