кристальная арфа

Alchemic Rainbow Svaritanum Crystal Harp

crystalharp, crystal_harp, crystal_bowl, sound_therapy, svaritanum,  soundhealing, soundbath,  singing bowl, crystal bowlThe pearl of our model line. The world's first alchemical crystal harp.  This instrument has the most deep and strong sound and amazing appearance. Best for soundhealing in large halls.  It can nicely complement your singing bowls or it can sound independently at sound therapy, meditations and relaxation sessions. 

 sound sample 440 hz

 sound sample 432 hz



Crystal Chord


кристальная арфа, хрустальная арфа, crystal harp, ксилофон, xylophone, crystal bowl, crystal chord Crystal chord has three quartz resonators which form a major or minor triad. The chord consists of a major third and a minor third, these intervals have a beautiful harmonious sound and signing crystals add wonderful shades to them.


 sound sample


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